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Gym Cleaning

Optimise your clients’ workout sessions in a sanitary and disinfected gym.

Optimise your clients’ workout sessions in a sanitary gym

Allowing your clients to make their health and fitness a priority includes providing them with clean and hygienic workout floors, equipment and changing areas. We can make this possible.

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Creating Fresh and Hygienic Workout Spaces

Maintaining a shiningly clean gym or fitness centre not only keeps your customers safe and satisfied; gym owners have a responsibility to ensure that health and hygiene standards are thoroughly upheld.

At 24/7 Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing total gym cleaning solutions that disinfects and sanitises not only workout areas but also equipment, machinery, racks, mats and floors. Our experienced cleaners are familiar with gym layouts as well as a wide range of equipment and machinery, and are able to carry out an in-depth cleaning with focus on high touchpoints.

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Disinfected Locker Rooms

Clean Equipment

Sanitized Floors