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Childcare Cleaning

Let the children under your care learn and play safely in a clean surrounding.

Let the children under your care learn and play safely in clean areas

We offer the best childcare centre cleaning services in Melbourne! Allowing children to run and play freely is vital to developing their independence and strong nature. Our thorough childcare centre and daycare cleaning services will make this a reality.

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Protection Against Germs and Bacteria

It is a universally-accepted fact that children love getting dirty and playing with things they shouldn’t be playing with. Hygiene is the least of their concerns when something new catches their little eyes. As their caretakers, it is simply impossible to prevent each and every little mishap from occurring, but we can provide them with the cleanest and safest environment possible to learn and play in.

At 24/7 Cleaning Services, we understand that the health and safety of little children depend on a job well done by us - and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We pay great attention to detail to ensure that every little nook and cranny is cleaned and disinfected against disease-spreading germs and bacteria. All our employees have also been screened via a “working-with-children check”.

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Non-Toxic Cleaning Materials

Protection Against Germs

Emphasis on Child Touchpoints