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Carpet Cleaning

Make your carpets and rugs feel brand new

Opt for cleaner & spotless carpets - for a healthier home

We are proud to be one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne! Freshly-cleaned carpets can create positive and healthy living or working areas, improving your well-being. At 24/7 Cleaning Services, we understand that having clean carpets can go a long way.

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Walk on Clean and Sanitary Carpets

It is no surprise that carpets can host swarms of germs, dust & bacteria. Not cleaning carpets often enough not only deteriorates the appearance of your home, it can also have a serious impact on your health.

24/7 Cleaning Services offers professional & thorough carpet cleaning services to get rid of dirt and harmful pollutants effectively - for cleaner, grime-free carpets! After consulting the type of carpet that you own, our team will determine a suitable cleaning process for the specific carpet type and ensure that they are cleaned, well-washed and restored to pristine condition. We ensure that our cleaners only use materials that will not damage your carpets in any way.

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Germ-free and fresh-smelling carpets

No damage caused to carpets

Quick and hassle-free cleaning