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School Cleaning

Safeguard your students while they learn and grow at a clean school.

Safeguard your students while they learn at a clean school

Creating a positive learning environment is crucial for the development of young minds. Cleanliness and hygiene are an integral part of the learning process and we make this possible.

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Children are prone to falling sick and passing around bacteria and germs. Maintaining a clean school is one of the primary responsibilities of its administrators. At 24/7 Cleaning Services, we understand what a great responsibility we undertake when we clean schools. That's why we ensure that our cleaners and the cleaning materials we use are of the highest standards.

Our team of experienced cleaners are familiar with the different cleaning requirements across different school areas, from classrooms and science labs to swimming pools and changing rooms. All our cleaners are also professionally-screened for being safe to work with children. We use only the safest and non-toxic cleaning materials and supplies, and we make sure to deep clean even the smallest of spaces to prevent dust and mould build-up.

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